When Should You Hire A Disability Lawyer?

If you are going to make a claim for benefits from Social Security you might want to give thought to hiring a disability lawyer in Florida to help you with the process. To some, hiring a lawyer might seem an extravagance but when the issue is a disability claim this is not necessarily so. Unlike most instances when an individual needs a lawyer, the costs of hiring a disability lawyer are easy to understand. The legal fees are set by and regulated by federal law, they are the lesser of $6,000 or no more than 25 percent of the back pay the lawyer gets for you, furthermore you only have the obligation to pay these fees when the lawyer wins the case on your behalf.

There is little doubt that hiring a disability lawyer in Florida makes a lot of sense, it is worth discussing the important benefits.

The principal benefit to having a disability lawyer is that the chances of getting your application approved are considerably better than should you opt to go it alone. Yes, there are people who apply independently and get approved on the first pass but these fortunate few are certainly in the minority. As the investigators at Social Security are more apt to approve a fully documented application it stands to reason that a lawyer with his or her wealth of experience knows best what the SSA are looking for.

From the initial application all the way through the appeals process disability lawyers know what to expect, they are fully aware of the system and they know how to present your application in the best possible light. Your lawyer will establish the date that the disability became evident, he will argue that your disability is one which meets the criteria established by Social Security and published in their “blue book” which lists the conditions and their severity.

Should the application get to appeal your lawyer will gather any and all documentation that supports and substantiates your condition. If the disability lawyer in Florida feels that an opinion from a doctor other than your regular physician will help it will be arranged. The lawyer will draft a detailed brief which will be given to the administrative judge that will review the case. Your lawyer will tutor you on questions that you can expect to hear from the judge and how best to handle your responses.

Hopefully you are convinced that trusting your future to a disability lawyer in Florida is very much to your benefit, the next decision to make is when the lawyer should be hired. In many cases the applicant makes the initial application independently and calls for the lawyer when the application is denied, which in the majority of cases it will be. There is little doubt that the time to hire your lawyer is at the outset, the lawyer will have considerable value to your case; the result is that you are likely to be approved earlier.

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