Create A Distinctive Look With In Mold Decoration

Plastic is a very common material to make many different types of components, parts, and devices. In many types of applications, having a way to permanently add logos, design elements, graphics, symbols or branding not only adds aesthetic value, but it also creates a distinct look.

There are a number of different ways to add decorative elements to any molded device. In the past, options such as painting after molding or using decals where considered the most cost-effective options. However, since both of these design types are applied to the surface, they can peel, pull off, or simply flake away over time.

A much better option to consider, and one that can stand the test of time, is an in mold decoration. This can be as detailed as required, but with the option to add vibrant, durable colors and infinite sizes and shapes, the simple designs and decorations often create the biggest visual impact and branding recognition.

How it Works

The process of in mold decoration is done when the injection mold is created. The designers develop the specific decorative mold that is inserted into the bigger mold. At the time of the process, injection of all of the resin materials occurs simultaneously, creating a single final product.

This means there is no secondary application and no need to provide additional finishing or treatment of the product after the process. There are very few limitations on the size and design aspects of the in mold decoration, with top companies able to accommodate the requirements of OEMs.

Not all injection molded parts are ideal candidates for this type of decoration. Very small parts and components or when the design extends over extreme types of shapes, other options in applying decorations may be a better option.

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