What To Look For In Valve Distributors

For industrial applications and large scale projects, finding a distributor that has the parts and components needed for the job is an essential consideration. The larger the project, the more challenging this can be, particularly if the company is dealing with a general supplier rather than a specialized distributor of industrial goods and supplies.

Ideally, finding valve distributors that have the ability to offer value-added services such as logistics and the ability to complete end to end delivery will be an important consideration. This can be particularly important if the shipment needs to be international and the distributor is located within the United States.

Product Knowledge and Customer Support

Even with the most experienced design and construction crews, it is a good idea to choose valve distributors with extensive expertise and product knowledge. These professionals can assist in getting the right products for the job as well as in selecting valves and the corresponding PVF products that may be able to save cost on materials over the scope of the project while also boosting effectiveness and longer life cycles for systems and components.

On-hand Inventory

Some distributors tend to operate with a low on-hand inventory, particularly when it comes to filling orders for large jobs. While this may be cost effective for the distributor, it results in delays for your project if the distributor has to order from the manufacturer, which can add days to your order processing and shipping time.


Most of the top industrial valve distributors will be fairly competitive in pricing. Some distributors will not carry specific brands of valves while others will have a better selection.

The biggest difference most companies will find is the difference in customer service, support and value-added components of working with the distributor. These factors can have a big impact on streamlining your order and are well worth considering.

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