Contemporary Fireplaces: Attributes and Benefits

One way of introducing elegant décor into your home is with the addition of one or more contemporary fireplaces. Suppliers of beautiful fireplace units offer many options to help you achieve this goal and also fill your living spaces with cozy warmth at the touch of a button.

These fireplaces contain zero clearance fireboxes and are fire rated in their construction. They can be installed in various locations inside of your home.

Modern fireplace units provide a range of features and benefits for the homeowner, including:

Elevated Placement

These contemporary fireplaces can be positioned at a higher elevation on the wall rather than at the lower standard position near the floor with a hearth. As such, they provide a unique design style that diverges from the old wood-burning units of the past.


The contemporary design of these fireplaces matches easily with the modern designs propagated by interior design professionals today. These units can be selected to complement various types of interior décor within a home.

Fireplace Shape Options

Modern gas fireplaces are available in an array of different shapes, including arched, square, and linear.

Contemporary Appearance

You can diverge from the traditional log commonly seen in many fireplaces and instead choose something different, such as rock kits, Beach Accent kits, or glass.

Types of Gas Fireplace Heating Options

Various types of fireplace models are available, including direct vent, gas insert, and free standing depending on your preference.

Over the course of a month, you can reduce your heating costs with the efficient heating provided by contemporary fireplaces. Just one unit can produce and propagate enough heat to fill up a large room (at a minimum) within your home.

Beyond the practical operations of a modern fireplace, these units produce a soothing atmosphere in your living space. They are also low maintenance allowing you to enjoy the appearance of burning wood without the attendant smoke and soot produced by old style wood-burning units. As well, with one touch of a button you can turn your contemporary gas fireplace on or off.

If you are considering the addition of one of these modern fireplace units in your home, contact an experienced fireplace company today to learn about your options.

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