Why Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney in Mooresville NC With a Lot of Experience?

When consumers in the Mooresville area need to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, one of the most important decisions is to hire the right law firm. The process to file for bankruptcy is complicated. Mistakes can be very costly. Many problems with bankruptcy petitions will lead to a denial by the trustee. That is why it is important for consumers to find and to hire the right Bankruptcy Attorney in Mooresville NC. A good law firm such as the Lake Law Office PLLC will have the staff and expertise to ensure that all requirements for bankruptcy are met. That is why it’s important to choose the right attorney for the job.

In general, it is a good idea to choose a Bankruptcy Attorney in Mooresville NC that has a lot of experience. Because the process to file for chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy has a lot of procedures and requirements, a law firm that has repeated experience with hundreds of former clients is less likely to make a mistake or miss something. For example, the lawyer has to make sure that each and every client has completed the required credit counseling class from an organization that has been approved by the bankruptcy court. Missing this item can lead to a delayed or denied bankruptcy petition. If the consumer filing for bankruptcy has unusual financial circumstances that may lead to a denial of the bankruptcy petition, it is best to choose someone with a lot of experience and expertise.

Another reason to hire an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney at Lake Law Office PLLC of Mooresville NC is to get proper representation at the meeting of the creditors, which is also known as the 341 meeting. Depending on the bankruptcy trustee and the details of the bankruptcy petition, there may be technical or otherwise difficult questions asked by the bankruptcy trustee. A quick, correct answer can help consumers avoid delays in getting the bankruptcy approved. A less experienced lawyer may need a lot more time in preparing a bankruptcy petition that will result in an approval by the trustee. That is another reason why experience is important.

Those that want a bankruptcy with the least amount of complications and delays should hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Even if an experienced lawyer or law firm is more expensive, it is worth it to avoid potential problems with the bankruptcy.


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