Common Furnace Repair near Palatine

Heating your home may be accomplished by any of a variety of systems. This includes a traditional furnace operating on gas, oil, electricity or even wood. The furnace could also be an integrated component of an HVAC system. Yet, no matter what type of furnace you may have, one thing remains clear. Each requires maintenance in order to keep them functioning at their peak. Furthermore, at some point, particularly as the systems ages, you will find yourself in need of furnace repair.

Two Common Furnace Repair Problems

Furnace repair work is one role a heating and cooling specialist plays. He or she is more than superficially acquainted with the various problems that can occur. Such a technician is also aware that, in the case of furnace repair in Palatine, some problems occur more frequently than others. Among them are:

  • Pilot or Ignition Control Problems: If your furnace is not providing heat or does so intermittently, the cause may be the furnace’s ignition or pilot. They may be malfunctioning. Talk to a qualified furnace repair technician. They may be able to fix the problem by replacing either the intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition system.
  • Thermostat Malfunctions: Your furnace has a thermostat. It is the piece of equipment responsible for ensuring the heat in your home is produced at the right times and amounts. If it is malfunctioning or faulty, your home may receive intermittent heat or no heat at all. A furnace repair specialist in Palatine can diagnose the problem and fix it.

These are the two most common types of furnace repair a technician in Palatine may be called to attend to. They are not, of course, the only issues a repairman or woman may be required to handle.

Other Common Furnace Repair issues

Besides the two furnace problems related above, your furnace may also be subject to other issues requiring repairs. They may result in a lack of heating control, poor air circulation, an overheated furnace and irregular heating of the home. A skilled heating technician can tell you whether the problem lies with any of the following parts:

  • Fan Motor
  • Belt
  • Bearings
  • Clogged Filter

Some of these issues can be solved simply by contacting your specialist in furnace repair in Palatine. He or she can diagnose the problem then arrange for repair work. However, many furnace repair issues could be avoided. It is simply a matter of the owner taking the time to keep the furnace in top operational form. This is accomplished by doing regular maintenance and scheduling an annual check-up with the furnace repair service. Contact Five Star Heating & Air Inc. for more information!

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