Tips Furniture Movers In Miami FL For Special Items

There are many different combination and ways that people may choose to move. In some cases, and for local moves where there isn’t a short timeline, people may opt to move small items themselves in multiple trips, then hire furniture movers in Miami, FL, to move the big items.

If you do have several big pieces of furniture that are either very large and unwieldy to move or very heavy, bringing in professional furniture movers can not only ensure your furniture is moved safely, but it can eliminate the very real possibility of an injury when attempting to do this on your own.

There are several tips and techniques used by professional movers to make moving these items safer, easier and with much less risk involved for any damage to the furniture, or to the people doing the moving. Don’t be surprised if you see your furniture movers using some or all of these techniques.

Lots of Padding
Top movers are never stingy with the use of moving blankets or pads. These are heavy duty blankets that are used to cover the surfaces of large and small furniture items to protect them during the move.

The best furniture movers will move the items in and out of the truck with the blankets or pads in place. This eliminates any possible damage going through doorways, down hallways or even when maneuvering stairs or elevators.

Taking Items Apart
Very large items that have different components attached, such as a bed frame and headboard, are easier moved when taken apart. The best furniture movers will simply take the large components apart, or do a breakdown of the item, and then wrap and move each piece.

Don’t worry, they will also ensure everything is put together securely at the other end. This is a very good option and helps to protect your furniture on either a long or a short move.

Use of Straps and Dollies
For large or heavy items that cannot be taken apart, furniture movers will have a variety of additional tools and strategies to move the item. Different types of furniture will call for different tools, but lifting straps and dollies are often used to move safely and securely items both up and down stairs as well as across level surfaces.

The good news is that with the right furniture movers in Miami, FL, this move will be very simply completed. You will be surprised at how easily even very big and heavy items can be easily moved to and from the truck, regardless of their actual size and weight.

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