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Her Journey to Becoming a Musical Sensation

This smooth jazz singer didn’t always start out with the intention to sing jazzy tunes. She was originally an onstage actress that belted songs with energetic monologues. Unfortunately, circumstances happened that caused her to reconsider her path. Sylvia’s leg was injured during a dance class. This caused her to lose her ability to dance after a doctor had informed her that she’d never dance again after her surgery.

This did not stop Sylvia from trying. She tried different sectors of performance. This allowed her to become familiar with her particular performing preferences. During this time, she had tried performing on the screen along with various other outlets. Eventually, Sylvia realized that she wanted to be one of the greatest smooth jazz singers. This was heavily influenced by her father’s musical talent within Jazz as well.

The Inspiration of Her Songs
Now, Sylvia writes amazing songs about her experiences in life. These articulate stories are filled with musical notes that have a melody of water-colored images about the days of her life. Her song ‘Restless’ describes hurt feelings on a lonely night within the city. she was involved in an accident that completely changed her feelings about the entire rhythm of things.

Listen to Sylvia’s beautiful vocals
Restless is not the only song that Sylvia Brooks has written. She also sings classic music that her audience is familiar with. Her fans love to listen to her chiseled voice. She is also very good at portraying her descriptions and emotions within her voice. Please visit Sylvia Brooks online to hear more about Sylvia Brooks and her successful career as she shares her beautiful talent with the world as one of the best jazz singers.

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