Choosing a good company for your move

Moving is a tiring and tedious process and if the planning is not done well, it can also be frustrating. When you know you will be moving, planning the move well is the first step in ensuring a stress free experience. An essential part of the planning is selecting a good company that provides moving and storage in NYC.

What’s best, a professional mover or DIY?

There is absolutely no doubt that professional movers are by far the better choice. When moving and storage in NYC is done by professionals you can rest assured that the job will be done much faster and well organized to either go into storage or to be delivered and moved into your new home. As professionals know what they are doing and they have the best moving supplies, breakage or damage will be minimal, if at all.

What are your needs?

Not everyone making a move has the same needs when they hire a moving company. Create your own checklist and make use of it when you are talking to various companies about the services they offer. The points that follow are essential:

Moving date: If possible try not to move during the busy times for movers. The busiest times are at month end at during school breaks. In most cases the rates are highest during peak periods, if you can arrange your moving during the middle of an off-month then you can expect a lower price.

Moving parameters: As moving rates are based on distance as well as weight the moving company needs specific details of your current and new locations. The company will also need to know if your new home will be ready on the date of the move of whether storage is a consideration.

The volume: You must always insist that the potential company that you may use for moving and storage in NYC comes to your home to prepare their quotation. In some cases movers will throw a figure at you which is based on averages, this may not be good enough for your situation.

Consider insurance: Do not take insurance that is based on weight, estimate the value of your possessions and use this rather than weight when you get insurance.

Pick the best two or three moving and storage companies and have them prepare estimates. The estimates will also take into account stairs or long walks to get to the parked van. Once you have compared all the offers you are in a position to select the best.


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