What Equipment You Need in Your Fishpond Cloudburst Gear Bag

The Fishpond Cloudburst bag is waterproof, so even if it falls in the water where you’re fishing, your equipment and tools will stay safe and dry. This is only one of the reasons these gear bags are so popular. However, the gear bag includes a lot of pockets, both outside and inside, and will hold all your stuff, which is the biggest reason for needing the bag in the first place. It is necessary to think about the equipment you need, so that you have what you want on your trip.

Fly Rod

The rod is probably the most important piece of equipment you will need in fly fishing. The rod does the work, so you should consider one that has a balance between finesse and power. If you are a beginner, you will probably find a “faster” rod the best option, because it is less clumsy and you will have a little more freedom. These rods are very stiff through the bottom. The beginner rod will also have a softer tip, which helps the flies stay on the rod instead of breaking off.

When considering a rod, you will also want to think about convenience. All rods break down into at least two pieces, but some break down into four. If you will be traveling a lot to fly fish, then you might consider the four-piece rod, as it is easier to fit into the trunk or your gear bag.


The common term for the reel is a line holder, because, in essence, the reel acts as the holder of the fishing line. The reel is only used for this purpose, but it is still an important aspect of the rod, so you will want to ensure you have one that has a decent weight and will balance your outfit. Lighter reels are usually the best option, for both beginners and more advanced sports people because it will help you balance and fly fish for longer periods of time.

Fly Lines and More

Some rods come with their fly line, but if yours doesn’t have it included, you can easily find one that will fit your needs and budget.

Other items you may need include waders and wading boots. There are many options for both, including pants and chest waders, along with wading boots with cleats. Other things to consider are polarized sunglasses, landing nets, and a Fishpond Cloudburst fly fishing gear bag to hold everything.

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