Types of Business Insurance

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Insurance

When running a business, insurance might not be the first thing on your mind but it becomes an important consideration when you discover that you cannot predict the future. There are so many unexpected events and you need to insure your business to secure your investments. Business insurance is very important as it provides a business person with a peace of mind and the chance of purchasing an insurance policy that is best suited for their business needs. Business Insurance Lansing MI is not necessarily required by law unless you have employees. Both big and small businesses can find insurance very useful.

Insurance coverage is usually available for any risk that your business faces. The amount and cost of coverage usually depends on the insurers, which is why there is need for you to compare different insurance policies from different insurers. You need to make sure that your potential insurer knows the business risks that you face, and you purchase the policy that will provide the most coverage for your business.

There are different types of business insurance Lansing, MI. These are such as:

Product liability insurance

Business involved in the line of manufacture, distribution, wholesale and retail of products might be liable for the safety of the products. Protection for financial loss resulting from a defective product causing harm is ensured.

General liability insurance

This business insurance Lansing, MI covers legal expenses that come up die to claims of negligence, accidents and injuries. It protects against payments for such incidences.

Commercial property insurance

Property insurance covers all matters relating to damage of the business’ property due to events such as fire, wind, smoke, vandalism and storms.

Professional liability insurance

Businesses in the service industry find this insurance useful to protect them from errors, malpractice, and negligence in service delivery.

Home-based business insurance

You can purchase additional policies to your homeowner’s insurance to allow the coverage of home-based business loses.

Business insurance Lansing, MI ensures that your business is well protected from risks. Make sure to compare the different policies from potential insurers and purchase policies that meet the needs of your business by ensuring maximum coverage.

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