Book Bindery Choices for Today’s Active Readers

The kinds of books read today vary as much as the interests of their readers. Because the world moves quickly and our attention spans for reading have changed over the past decades, we look for books that will move with us and give us the flexibility we need with instructions, manuals, how-to books, etc. They need to be durable, resist wear and tear, and also be attractive while at the same time giving us practical help with words for our busy lives.

What are the Most Common Types of Book Bindings on the Market Today?

Plastic spiral bindings are made by punching holes along the length of the book’s spine and winding a wire through the holes to provide a fully flexible hinge at the spine. Spiral coil binding uses a number of different hole patterns with the most common one a 4:1 pitch (meaning there are 4 holes per inch). This is a favorite of the professional bindery as it lays open nicely and is tough-wearing.

Another type is the comb binding. This binding uses a rectangular hole pattern punched near the rounded edge of the book. A colorful plastic comb is fed through the slits to hold the sheets together. This continuous binding allows a book to be disassembled and reassembled easily without damaging it. The supplies for this type of binding are available in many colors and diameters. For environmentally conscious folks, this is a favorite because these bindings can be recycled and re-used.

The third type of binding used widely today is the double wire (also called the twin loop or
wire-o) binding. This is used for books in both the office and home settings. It uses a C-shaped wire spine that is squeezed into a round shape using a special wire-closing device. This binding works particularly well for owner’s manuals, software manuals, and business documentation such as annual reports.

How Do I Choose the Correct Type of Binding for My Application?
Take your project to the experienced and knowledgeable technicians at a professional book bindery. Wisconsin has some of the best, and they are willing to help you finish your book by putting it together in an attractive and protective covering.

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