Website Design: How to Do it Right

There is no question that a great looking website can definitely turn heads. Creating a great looking site can help you build your business credibility and reach your target audience. However, creating this site is easier said than done. Some of the key ways to design a great site is to understand what the universal rules of great design are and then follow them – consistently. When you are working on your St Cloud Web Design, use the tips here to help simplify the process.

Type Design Rules

The first thing to remember is that your website will essentially be just a bunch of text. This means that you have to understand typography design. There are a few rules that you should always follow:

For headlines:

* You should make them easy to scan and bold
* Using san serif typefaces are always ideal for headlines since they are easy to read

For the body text you should maximize the legibility:

* If you will have a lot of text use a serif typeface
* Be sure that the font size is bigger than what you think is necessary – 16 px is the minimum you should have
* Lines should not be more than 50 or 60 characters long

Select a Solid Typeface

Selecting a typeface should be based on a bit more than just what you like. According to experts you should select a font fact that is simple to read, graphic and something that showcases a bit of whimsy. Some of the type styles that have recently become popular include Proxima Nova, Merriweather Sans and Montserrat.

Choose Your Color Palette

When it is time to select a color palate you need to pick three colors and then stick with it. Consistency is crucial when it comes to creating a color palette for your website. Consider selecting a neutral palette and then adding a strong accent color.

Use the Right Size of Photos

Your website will be pixel based. This means that if your image is not big enough, it will appear pixelated. If you find an image that is too small, and there is no way for you to make it larger, you should not use it for your website.

Leave Plenty of Space

This is perhaps the simplest, yet most important design tip: ensure that your content has plenty of breathing room. Be sure that you create proper margins in order to make the text legible and focused. The key here is to avoid overwhelming your visitors with huge walls of text.

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