An Ice Dispenser for those Soft Drink, Iced Tea and Juice Beverages

They’ve become so commonplace that you may not even notice them anymore. They provide the cool refreshment you crave, without them, something is missing. It’s an ice dispenser. They’re used in restaurants, fast food stores, convenience stores, hospitals and office lunchrooms. Without them, your beverage just doesn’t turn out right.

Ice Cold Beverages
Make sure your customers always have the ice cold beverages they want. If you’re buying an ice dispenser for your business, there are various models and sizes and different kinds of ice to dispense. Of course, cost is always a factor for business owners, but by making a smart decision, your customers will be happy and they’ll keep coming back. If you own a restaurant or convenience store, you know the importance of providing ice cold drinks.

So what kind of ice do you want to dispense? Chewable ice, ice cubes, flake, big or small? How much ice do you need to produce each day? How fast do you need to produce ice? You can determine these things by knowing how many customers you serve in a day. Then there are standards used to determine how much ice you need. For example: a convenience store needs about six ounces of ice per twelve ounce drink. A restaurant generally uses about a pound and a half of ice per person. By knowing the statistics of your particular business you’ll be able to determine the size of ice dispenser you need.

Whether you need a dispenser for your restaurant or self service station, there’s a different size and style to fit your needs. If you already have a machine, think about the benefits of an upgrade. The options and outputs of ice machines have changed. You have options like chewable ice, cold water dispensing capabilities, push and lever ice dispensing, low ice indicator lights and high capacity drip trays. These drip trays handle a customer’s ice overfill and reduce hazards. Also keep in mind your space requirements. And always remember to accurately calculate your need for ice and the machine’s hourly output. The right ice machine for your businesses needs will make your employees more efficient and your customers happier.

Give your customers the ice they need for their soft drinks, juices and iced teas. Contact Lancer Corporation for a quality ice dispenser.

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