Painful Hemorrhoids – How To Get Rid Of Them

When you have painful hemorrhoids, getting rid of them becomes a pressing issue. However, there are several different ways to handle this health problem, but solutions depend on the severity of the hemorrhoids and the effectiveness of these treatment methods. This is why it’s important to consult a medical professional such as those found in a hemorrhoid clinic before you tackle this veins condition.

When the Hemorrhoids Are Severe?

A few people suffer from hemorrhoids that are:

* Persistent
* Painful
* Recurrent
* Very painful

In such cases, the usual treatments that include warm baths, sitz baths and the application of tropical creams, lotions, gels or ointments are only briefly effective. The taking of non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may provide some relief, but they are only a temporary measure. What you may require is some form of medical procedure.

Medical Procedures to Treat Painful Hemorrhoids

There are two clear options when it comes to treating painful and severe hemorrhoids: surgical and nonsurgical, or fixative procedures. Both have the goal of addressing the pain and removing the causal factors.

Fixative Procedures

Fixative procedures are those that do not involve surgery. The intent of these methods are to reduce the supply of blood to the hemorrhoid. As a result, the hemorrhoid will shrink and/or disappear. The procedure will leave behind some scar tissue. This will prevent the development of more hemorrhoids in that spot.

The two most common types of fixative procedures are:

1. Rubber Band Ligation (RBL): This involves wrapping a rubber band around the appendage to effectively cut off the blood supply
2. Coagulation Therapy: This involves the use of using heat, lasers, or electric current. This practice results in scar tissue that immediately prevents the hemorrhoids from reappearing again.
3. Sclerotherapy (Injections): This requires the injection of a hardening agent to cut off the veins’ blood supply.

It should be noted, though, that such procedures are only employed effectively against internal hemorrhoids.

Surgical Procedures

If you have severe hemorrhoids that do not respond to any other form of treatment, you may have to undergo a hemorrhoidectomy. During this medical procedure, the surgeon will remove the hemorrhoid. It may be performed for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, as well as for larger internal hemorrhoids that are prolapsed permanently. This surgical procedure may be combined in certain circumstances with other methods to achieve the best results.

Hemorrhoids and Treatment Options

While most hemorrhoids can be treated without fixative procedures, or invasive or noninvasive surgical interventions, there are a few that cannot be remedied in this fashion. When the issue is painful hemorrhoids, how to get rid of them may only have one answer: some form of medical procedure. Talk to a specialist in the field to discover what medical options are available to you, and if there are any potential consequences before you decide to proceed.

If you suffer from painful hemorrhoids, then getting rid of them is of primary concern. Nonetheless, you will require treatment, although the extent will depend upon the severity of the hemorrhoids. To learn what options are available, contact the professionals at Chicago Hemorrhoid. They can make an assessment and come up with the most effective method.

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