Saving Money On Beverage Processing Equipment

Most beverage production startups are already on a very tight budget. This is an equipment and process driven industry where specific standards and requirements must be met before production can begin.

Finding ways to lower the initial costs of beverage processing equipment is always a priority for startups. However, there are some seemingly reasonable cost-cutting options that may look good on the surface, but typically end up costing the company in the long run.

To help avoid these issues, focus on the three issues below to find a reasonable price on beverage processing equipment that is dependable, reliable and designed to meet today’s industry standards.

Always Buy New

There is always commercial grade beverage equipment available through online sales and auctions. Buying used equipment is always a gamble as there is no way to know how it has been maintained and used.

While new equipment is more expensive, it is also under warranty, something that is not true with used equipment. In addition, technical support is available from the manufacturer in setting up and configuring the system.

Buy from the Same Manufacturer

Ideally, you should purchase the beverage processing equipment from the same manufacturer. This ensures all systems are fully compatible and that the equipment can easily integrate with any future changes in the system.

Buying from the same manufacturer also means less risk of having to modify or adjust for different equipment configurations. This means faster installation and less risk of process problems.

Choose a Top Manufacturer

Always take the time to get to know the manufacturer of the equipment. Look for a company with a significant history in the beverage equipment industry. This type of experience is invaluable to startup companies, and these manufacturers can help in designing the system to meet production requirements and stay within budget. A handful of these companies provide process engineering and system design, allowing for increased automation of systems and customized configurations and options to meet your needs.

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