A Closer Look At Specialized Welded Thread Studs

When it comes to different weld studs, the greatest variety tends to be for the drawn arc systems. This is due to the many different applications of this type of stud welding used across different industries, construction, fabrication, and manufacturing applications.

While the full welded thread studs and the pitch diameter drawn arc weld studs are the most common, there are many others to consider as well. The full thread, as the name implies, have the thread all the way down the length of the stud. Pitch diameter studs have an area at the bottom of the stud that is not threaded, adding slightly to shear force resistance.

Additionally, here are some other specialized types of welded thread studs that are important in specialized as well as general applications.

Collar Studs

These offer the same basics as the welded thread studs, but there is a smaller to a larger flange that is placed in the middle of the stud. When two separate pieces of metal are to be placed on the base, this flange can serve to position one metal sheet over the other with the fastener.

Typically, one side of the stud above or below the collar will be threaded while the other side will not.

Shoulder Base

The shoulder base welded thread studs offer a wider, unthreaded base and a smaller diameter, shorter threaded area to the stud. These are an ideal option for mounting where shear force is a factor as the shoulder base is larger in diameter, providing greater shear resistance.

Other additional studs to consider including the reduced base, which is ideal when the job calls for very tight tolerances when fastening the two parts. With the reduced base there is some reduction in shear resistance and mechanical properties, so careful consideration of placement of these studs will be important.

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