The Different Types Of Welding Stud Guns

There are many useful applications for stud welding in today’s world. From food service to billboard signs to shipbuilding to power distribution, stud welding can help to complete critical projects for these industries.

For those who are not experienced with the stud welding industry, it can be difficult to know which equipment will work best for a specific project. There are different types of welding stud guns available, each best suited for particular types of projects.

Production Weld Head Welding Stud Guns

Production weld head types are those that have been around the longest in the industry, plus they provide the most options to tackle the greatest variety of welding projects. Welding stud guns can be easily integrated into most systems, plus they can be utilized in groups so that the welding process is even faster.

In addition, these types of guns can be fully automated to where both the positioning and loading are handled without any human interaction. They are programmable as well. Alternatively, these guns can be semi-automated to where the positioning is automated, but human interaction is needed to load it.

Handheld Welding Stud Guns

Handheld stud guns provide greater flexibility and versatility over their larger counterparts. Like their larger counterparts, they come in both CD and drawn arc models. The latter even comes in several grades so that it can handle various welding projects with ease.

The hand-held models can be easily handled by virtually anyone, making them quite useful for many projects in many industries. Like their larger counterparts, the hand-held models are built to be of high quality so that they can handle a wide variety of welding projects.

Automation or Versatility?

The real deciding factor between these two types of stud guns is whether a person/company needs automation in a project, or if versatility and flexibility (particularly when it comes to a small workspace) is required to complete the project.

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