A Brief History Of Pest Control In Manhattan

When people think of pest control, they generally think of modern day exterminators spraying chemicals from sophisticated tools. However, pest control, and even pest control in Manhattan has been around for a long time. Here is a brief history of the practice from its earliest days to the modern era.

History records the first instance of pest control taking place in ancient Sumeria back around 2500 BC. The Sumerians were fond of using various sulfur compounds to exterminate insects. Both the Chinese and Egyptians would use oils and herbs to get rid of pests, while the Chinese would also use arsenic to get rid of insects in their legendary gardens. The practice of tilling the crops also became a favorite way of ancient peoples to get rid of unwanted insect visitors. Tilling worked to get rid of plants and crops that were diseased and also buried the pests, thus preventing many of them from being able to emerge from the soil and creating more havoc.

Very quickly, other common-sense practices evolved throughout the centuries. By laying down netting over small areas of crops, larger bugs and pests were unable to devour the precious plants. Herbs such as cayenne and garlic were implemented to keep actual food safe from pests. People even learned to use other predatory insects to consume the insects that were a danger to their crops.

During the 19th century, there was much more education about chemicals and their correct application for pest control in Manhattan. Farmers and homeowners began to use chemicals more frequently. Some of these chemicals proved to be quite dangerous to both the environment and the people using them, such as DDT. Chemicals such as these were eventually banned thanks to research from people such as Rachel Carson.

With the advent of the “Green” movement, companies are constantly developing new and better chemicals which can be safely applied anywhere and still get rid of unwanted pests. Extermination companies such as Business Name are on the forefront of increasing the safety of the products they use so that no one needs worry about the safety of their family or neighbors. Make sure any company was chosen for pesticide application on the property also takes the same view.

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