5 Tips to Protect Wood Flooring in Manhattan

Wood floors are a long-term investment that increases the beauty and value of your home. Doing what you can to prolong the life and beauty of your wood flooring is a good decision that results in big returns. Use the following five tips to protect Wood Flooring in Manhattan and maintain or increase its value.

1. Use area rugs – Area rugs are a beautiful and effective means of protecting your hardwood floors. These rugs work as a barrier between shoes, toys, pets and other factors that scratch, dent or otherwise damage wood floors over time. Area rugs are particularly valuable in high traffic areas of your home such as hallways, family rooms, entrances and exits.

2. Use felt pads – Rearranging heavy furniture or moving it from one room to another is a major cause of scratch marks and scuffing on wood floors. A simple way to remedy this problem is by using felt pads on the base of the legs of your furniture. The felt pads allow the furniture to glide smoothly across wood flooring without leaving any telltale scratches or marks behind.

3. Take your shoes off – Shoes with hard rubber soles and high heels are main culprits of scuff marks, dents and pockmarks that ruin the way your wood floors look. Whenever possible, remove your shoes before walking on bare wood flooring.

4. Keep your pet groomed – While pets are beloved family members, their claws have a tendency to cause extreme damage to wood flooring over time. One way to eliminate this problem is to have them groomed regularly, with their claws filed smooth or cut back. Another solution is to use rubber caps on each claw to eliminate contact between them and the floor.

5. Use the right cleaner – The way you clean your wood floors greatly determines how long it looks good before it needs complete refinishing. Along with using a soft broom and vacuum frequently to remove dust, dirt and other abrasive particles, avoid using wax-based cleaners or those with oil soaps that cause dulling buildup.

Use these simple tips to protect your Wood Flooring in Manhattan. Take the time to put proper measures in place to care for and maintain the beauty of your wood floors. Vigilance in protecting your wood from scratches, scuff marks and other damage saves you in repair costs later on.


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