Why You Need a Divorce Attorney in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Divorce, even if warranted can be a very difficult process. There are always some painful emotions and in these situations, it’s difficult if not impossible to keep a level head throughout the divorce proceedings needed to make a divorce legal. That’s why many people going through a divorce will seek the legal representation of a Divorce Attorney Colorado Springs. While there are many issues that a divorce attorney will handle during the normal divorce process, some things will require more diligence than others and most divorce attorney’s agree that the discovery process can be the most challenging.

The discovery process is setting the groundwork for an eventual divorce settlement. This can be challenging on two different fronts. From a sheer work load standpoint, the discovery process can be lengthy and detailed. Discovery usually entails request for child custody, child support, if applicable, alimony as well as dividing up marital assets. If a couple has an extensive amount of possessions or extensive financial assets, this process can be very lengthy as the attorney will need to have a complete picture of all assets, liquid or not in order to devise a plan for diving up the assets.

However, there is also the aspect of the other spouse acting deceptively to hide or shuffle assets in order to retain them after a divorce settlement has been finalized. This will involve extra work on the lawyers part to find these assets the other spouse is trying to hide in order to ensure that their clients gets a fair and equitable divorce settlement. When a spouse trys to hide assets, it is crucial to have a Divorce Attorney Colorado Springs working on your behalf to uncover any deceptive practices by the other spouse or their legal representation.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area and you are facing a divorce or you’re considering filing for divorce, you should contact the law offices of David M. Koppa. With free consultations and 24 years of experience as a divorce attorney, you couldn’t ask for a better lawyer to represent you. If you want to know more about how David and his legal team can help you, you can contact his office by phone or you can simply Visit the website to find more information regarding their legal services.

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