Ways a Company That Offers Air Conditioner Repair in San Antonio, TX Can Help Prepare a Unit for Summer Usage

Making sure that a home’s air conditioning system is working at its best is a task that every homeowner will want to consider before the start of the summer season. While temperatures are still cool, it can be an ideal time for a homeowner to inspect their unit and see if the unit is in need of any type of work from a company that offers Air conditioner repair in San Antonio, TX.

One of the easiest ways for a homeowner to do an inspection of their system is by cleaning it. Many homeowners may find that cleaning the unit is not too difficult and so they may be very willing to tackle this task on their own. However, if a homeowner is uncomfortable with this type of work, they can also call a company that does Air conditioner repair in San Antonio, TX to do the cleaning and inspection as well.

Most air conditioning systems tend to collect a good amount of dust, dirt and other matter in around both the unit that is housed inside and the one outside. The indoor unit can easily be vacuumed clean using a shop or household vacuum cleaner with long nozzle attachment. Once the unit is vacuumed, a stiff brush can be used to clean out any grilles or vents. It can also be used to clean the fan as well. With the unit clean, it will be easier to see if any wires, belts or other elements are showing any signs of damage or wear. If anything is noted, the homeowner will want to have an air conditioner service performed on the unit to ensure it is ready and will be safe to operate when summer begins.

The unit outside will also need to be cleaned. First, the large debris will need to be removed. This can include grass cuttings, trash, leaves and other larger types of debris. Once this is cleaned, the coils should be cleaned using a hose with a high pressure nozzle. It is important when this is done that other areas of the unit be covered so they do not get wet. This can include the motor, fan and fins on the unit. When the coils are cleaned, the fins will need to be cleaned using a soft brush. Once the unit is cleaned, it can be inspected for any signs of damage as well.



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