4 Tips for Exploring Texas Wine Country

Texas is famous for many things – sheer size, cattle drives, oil, and more. But wine? Yes, the Texas wine country offers an amazing range of experiences. Whether you love a good cabernet sauvignon, or you prefer a crisp chardonnay, you’ll find something to delight the palate here. Of course, if you’ve never paid a visit to the area before, you’ll need to know a few things to maximize your enjoyment. Here are a few crucial tips to make your visit to know.

1. Plan the Day Correctly

First and foremost, make sure you start your day with the right plan. There are quite a few wineries scattered around Texas, although they are more concentrated in the hill country. Choose between three and five wineries to visit in a single day, and try to make sure that they are within easy reach of one another. Visiting more wineries than this in a single day would probably leave you with a muddled impression of each – the right number will ensure that you have an enjoyable visit at each one.

2. Bring Water with You

We highly recommend that you carry water with you. You’ll find an ample supply of water at each winery, but travel in Texas can be quite hot, and you’ll want to stay hydrated while traveling between your destinations. You should carry a cooler and ice to store your purchased wine, and you can carry a few bottles of water there as well to keep it cool and ready to refresh you.

3. Don’t Wear Perfume or Cologne

We know you love that signature scent, but it is worth skipping it when you visit the winery. Perfume and cologne can interfere with your olfactory sense, meaning that you will not get the full experience of your wine tasting. The scent that you wear will combine with the aroma of the wine, making it a bit off. It may also interfere with the enjoyment of others around you if your perfume or cologne is strong.

4. Have a Designated Driver

Texas has very strict drunk driving laws. Make sure you have a designated driver. You’ll find that most wineries offer snacks and refreshments just for DDs.

If you follow these brief trips, your trip through the Texas wine country will be much more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you at Bell Springs Winery – call ahead at 512-643-7398.

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