Five Holistic Treatments Offered At An Integrated Animal Hospital

While some animal hospitals are traditional in approach, others are not. In Germantown, for example, you can find examples where traditional, and alternative veterinarian approaches combine to produce a holistic animal hospital. In such a facility, the focus is on focusing on all aspects of the animal – not just on prognosis and treatment of an illness. In holistic vet clinics, owners find themselves able to select from more than the traditional methods of treatment. They can access a wider range of possible means of improving, easing or even curing a variety of health issues.

Five Basic Holistic Treatments for Pets

Holistic vet clinics in Germantown provide several alternative methods of addressing various health concerns that affect your pet. Among the five most common ones available at many holistic clinics are the following:

  1. Acupuncture: This is beneficial for all life stages. It helps to relax the muscles and relieve problems caused by inflammation
  2. Aquapuncture: This addresses muscle and nerve problems using a technique similar to acupuncture replacing standard acupuncture needles with hypodermic ones
  3. Chiropractic Adjustments: To treat pain related to back and joint problems
  4. Energy Healing: Used to restore or establish balance in the animal’s chi or life force
  5. Laser Therapy: Employed to address several issues including arthritis hip dysplasia, sprains, and strains

These forms of treatment allow you to provide effective and gentle ways of addressing a variety of health concerns and problems your pet may suffer.

Holistic Animal Hospital Treatments

If you are interested in treating your pet’s health and psychological issues with more than medications, consider contacting a holistic animal hospital. At such vet clinics as Holistic Veterinarian Healing in Germantown. Their skilled and experienced staff combine the best of alternative and traditional veterinarian medicine to treat your pet. To discover more about what they offer, contact them online anytime at You can pay a visit to Facebook for latest news and updates!

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