Steps To Take This Spring With Lawn Maintenance Services in McLean VA

Most homeowners love having a beautiful green lawn. Having the perfect lawn can really do a lot to make the rest of your home look amazing. However, green lawns don’t come easy, which means you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. The following are a few spring tips you can take before you call on one of the Lawn Maintenance Services McLean VA has to offer.

Due to the fall and winter seasons, your lawn has likely collected quite a few leaves and debris. Things like leaves and twigs have a tendency to fall on the lawn and settle down at the bottom. If this debris isn’t removed when the grass starts growing once again, the health of your lawn could suffer. In order to make sure your spring lawn will grow as it should you’ll need to do a little cleaning. Rake your lawn and remove leaves, twigs, branches, and anything else.

Pay careful attention to uneven areas in your lawn. Often times lawns will have high and low places in the ground. The raised areas often cause problems when mowing the lawn, and the low places tend to cause drainage problems. If you notice puddles of water in your lawn, it likely means that there’s a low area of the lawn that needs to be evened out. Considering buying extra soil to place in these areas, and use a shovel to break and flatten high areas. If you’d like, you could use one of the Lawn Maintenance Services in McLean VA has available.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your lawn, the the spring time is a great time to get started. Many homeowners wonder why their lawn isn’t a green and thick as it should be. This might be happening because you’re lawn doesn’t have the nutrients it needs in order to grow as it should. Consider using spring time to fertilize your lawn.

Fertilizer provides the soil with lots of nutrients that helps to stimulate growth. Look for a nitrogen fertilizer that has a slow-release. Be careful not to over fertilize your lawn, because too much fertilizer can ruin the grass. Try using a service like Premier Turf Farms . They have professionals who can help to spruce up your lawn this spring.

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