3 Reasons to Use a Dermatology Clinic for Mole Removal in Minneapolis

Moles are some of the most common skin markings and are often genetic. Most are harmless, but many people consider them unsightly. That is why hundreds of patients turn to clinics like the Clinic Femina. Clients depend on them for mole removal in Minneapolis as well as a range of other skin treatments. Professionals are careful to determine whether moles are harmless or pre-cancerous before removing them and they always use the correct method for each case.

Medical Experts Identify Moles Correctly

Moles are groups of pigmented cells that appear to be dark spots on the skin. They vary widely in color and size. Most are benign, or harmless. However, they can be pre-cancerous, which means they could eventually become melanomas. It is very important that moles are correctly identified before they are removed, which is why most patients turn to medical professionals for mole removal in Minneapolis. Doctors usually take tissue samples if they suspect pre-cancerous or cancerous growths.

Doctors Offer a Range of Removal Methods

Medical specialists can use a variety of methods to remove moles. The method is determined by the type of growth. Pre-cancerous or cancerous moles always require surgery. However, doctors can also use shave excision for moles that are above the skin. During a punch biopsy, the doctor uses a device to punch out a round piece of skin containing the mole. Some doctors use laser removal or Mohs surgey.

Professionals Provide Other Skin Treatments

Patients often have moles removed at dermatology clinics because they offer a full range of skin improvement techniques. For example, a patient who is having a mole removed for cosmetic reasons can also get treatment for conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and skin pigmentation issues. Most facilities also offer spa treatments like facials and chemical peels.

Moles are some of the most common skin growths and since some can be cancerous, it’s important to have them checked annually, even if they appear harmless. Patients usually have moles removed at dermatology clinics so that doctors can determine the type of moles they have and use the correct removal methods. Dermatology clinics also offer a range of other skin treatments.

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