Why You Need a Father’s Right Attorney in Naperville

The complexities of paternity may make it difficult for you to know what your rights are as a father. A father’s right attorney in Naperville can answer your questions and help to guide your decisions. They can also provide you with insight into what limitations exist in your situation. If you are a father who needs and desires to be a part of your child’s life, it is critical to have legal help representing you.

Can a Mother Stop a Father from Seeing His Child?
In heated conversations and bitter situations, it is often the case that people use children as leverage. Even if they do not mean to do so, this can pose a significant problem. However, in most cases, a mother cannot stop a father from seeing his child unless there are court orders in place to require this. In situations where the child’s mother believes the child will be harmed, she still must seek legal help in the situation.

When Can a Father See His Child?
There are many factors that play a role in this decision. What is important is understanding what the legal documents say. In some situations, the father is not on the birth certificate. If he is not listed in any way on court documents, that may need to be the first step. However, that is possible. A father’s right attorney can offer insight and provide information about how to do this. Paternity testing may be necessary to prove the father has the right to see a child.

If there are court documents that have specific rules about when the father can see the child, those need to be followed. If the father is unable to see his child during those court-approved times or within the court-approved laws, the court may take legal action against the mother or whoever is limiting that connection.

What Should You Do If You Are Unsure What Your Legal Options Are?
Working with a father’s right attorney in Naperville can provide the insight that you need. They can give you an idea of what your rights are right now and what steps you need to take to make changes to those rules. Every situation is different, but it is always best to work closely with your attorney to get the insights you need. The good news is fathers do have the right to see their children. Contact Keller Legal Services to know your paternity rights in Naperville.

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