Your Dentist in Chandler May Offer Helpful Resource Information

Children should not grow up afraid to go to the Dentist Chandler. Dentists are decorating their offices in bright colors, with characters children recognize on the walls, to make the dental office seem less scary. On their websites, some dentists even offer a section of the website that is just for kids, with games, downloadable coloring books, and stories that tell kids about how it’s important to take care of their teeth and that the dentist is their friend.

The Chandler Dentist website may refer kids to the Mouth Healthy website, where kids as young as preschoolers can watch videos and play games that are geared toward teaching them about dental health. This is a great resource for anyone of any age. There are sections geared specifically toward babies, kids, teens, adults under age 40, and adults over 40.

The Dentist Chandler may offer financing, too. Many dentists feel that dental care should be affordable, and that no patient should fear going to the dentist, especially at the risk of avoiding necessary checkups, cleanings, and other dental care which may prevent serious problems down the road. Patients are encouraged to express their concerns about anxiety, fear of pain, and their concerns about how to finance their dental care with the dentist and staff.

Many dental practices how offer a FAQ section on their websites for patients to get good, basic hygiene information as well as links to other dental resources. For example, a patient may be able to look up how often they should be brushing and flossing, what to do about bad breath, and how to recognize if they may have signs of gum disease.

Some of this free information can be invaluable in the case of an accident. For example, if a tooth gets knocked out, what do you do? Carefully pick up the tooth without touching the roots, and don’t use anything to clean it. Try to place the tooth back into the socket or at least under the tongue for the trip to the dentist office. If that isn’t possible, place it in a cup with a bit of saliva or a bit of whole milk. Call Drew Family Dentistry immediately; if treated within half an hour, you can save the tooth.

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