Choosing a Linen Service in Syracuse NY

by | May 28, 2013 | Business Services

Linens are used extensively in the health care and hospitality industries. It’s vital to have plenty of clean towels, sheets, napkins, tablecloths or other linens on hand to meet customer or patient needs in order to create a good impression. Picking a Linen Service Syracuse or elsewhere may seem at first to be a daunting task. Follow this advice on how to pick the right Linen Service for your business and you’ll never have to worry about having enough clean textiles for your customers.

Locally Based

It’s best to choose a locally-based professional linen service in Syracuse, NY so you will not have long to wait for special deliveries or daily deliveries. Drivers will know alternative routes to your business in cases of roadwork or sudden road closures. So if your business is in the Syracuse area, it’s best to contract a Linen Service Syracuse NY business.

Special Deliveries

Great linen services will offer special deliveries for times when your business is exceptionally busy. This is especially important for healthcare businesses where demand is unpredictable. It’s important to make sure that a linen cleaning service can meet these unpredictable periods. Make sure they offer 7 day a week deliveries and pick-ups. Find out if there is any extra charge for these services.

Clear Billing Practices

You need to be sure what you are paying for. Good linen service providers will send you clear inventories and bills. Bills can be based on pounds of goods, types of textiles, individual pieces and any special charges. Watch out for any nebulous charges like “fee” that are not clearly stated. Good companies will patiently explain all charges on your bill whenever you want them to.

Care in Transportation

Pick up drivers should treat your time and your linen with respect. They should be willing to load all soiled textiles into their trucks themselves and not expect you to do it for them. If they are going to be late due to an emergency, they should call your business to let you know. They should park where you indicate and not make up any random parking spot which could block customers or local traffic.

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