Yoga And Meditation: Use In A Malibu Detox Facility

Attending a Malibu detox center can be a learning experience for an addict in more ways than one. While such treatments as one-on-one therapy and group therapy sessions are to be expected, other methods of treatment may be a bit of a surprise. Today, many rehabilitation facilities believe in approaching the subject of addiction in a holistic manner. As a result, they are introducing alternative approaches.

While conventional methods of treatment at a Malibu detox center focus on the mental and physical, alternative methods are more inclusive. They believe in treating the entire body as a single entity. This means embracing methods and philosophies that view the physical as being treated effectively only if the mental, emotional and even spiritual are also addressed. In this context, some facilities employ two related alternative treatments: yoga and meditation.

Yoga in a Malibu Detox

Yoga can be performed for the benefits of the physical. It can also be used to help with the spiritual. It is an approach that firmly believes that through the physical working of the entire body, an individual can achieve balance and harmony. In turn, this leads not only to physical but mental awareness. In the end, the highest form of such mindfulness can lead to spiritual awareness.

Both approaches are beneficial in treating addiction. A Malibu detox center can use yoga and its asanas (postures) to help the addict during the initial and later stages of treatment. The results include:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Relaxation and the calming of the mind (inner calm)
  • Mood regulation
  • Increase in the connection between the mind and the body
  • Increase the ability to control the physical and emotional

The practitioner, by focusing on breathing, becomes acutely aware of the physical while acknowledging who you are and what you want. These are mindful actions and research supports the ability of such treatment approaches to act in conjunction with conventional methods to provide a better outcome for addicts in treatment. As is the case with most forms of successful treatment, an addict must partake in this form of Malibu detox treatment on a regular and ongoing basis.


Mindful meditation is part of many yoga practices. Such mindfulness is imperative to the study of meditation among various practitioners such as Buddhism. Meditation can be done without practicing yoga. There are different types with the same goals in mind – to promote mental clarity and relaxation while shutting off the idle chatter of the mind. Practicing meditation can be, for addicts, a means of finding the way to cope with life by calming the mind and stressing the need for mindful living. At a Malibu detox center, meditation can be used with or without yoga to help the addict each the goal of sobriety by introducing inner peace through detachment of the mind.

Malibu Detox Treatment Program

For addicts, the practice of yoga and mindful meditation may be instrumental in helping them achieve sobriety. Combined with conventional methods of treatment, these practices can prove to be an effective tool in the fight against addiction. A Malibu detox program that uses both methods and is holistic in nature therefore increases the chances of their clients for being successful.

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