Signs it’s Time for Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City

Older Oriental rugs may show signs of wear as they age. Don’t spend a small fortune to have them replaced when they could be restored to their former glory for less.

Professional rug restoration technicians can fix most problems if consumers catch them early. Read on to find out about a few of the signs it’s time to look into Oriental rug restoration in New York City.

Color Bleeding

Most oriental rugs feature intricate designs and coloration. Those colors can run together over time, though, which can lead to serious trouble when the rug features bright colors next to lighter ones.

Spills, improper cleaning, storing or drying, leaks, or even pet urine can cause color bleeding. Don’t try to fix the problem at home, as this can make it worse. Instead, bring the rug to a pro for Oriental rug restoration in New York City.

Frayed Edges

As oriental rugs wear, their edges and corners often become frayed. Improper care can worsen this problem, as failing to use a rug pad can lead to slippage and eventually leave the ends looking frayed and worn. In most cases, rug restoration experts can restore frayed edges and keep the rug looking as good as new but don’t put off repairs until they become unmanageable.

Sun Damage

Exposure to direct sunlight can lead to fading. While it’s possible to keep oriental rugs safe from the sun by placing them away from windows and turning them periodically to make sure that no one area takes the brunt of the sun’s rays, these preventative steps won’t fix colors that have already faded. Take the rug to a specialist for color restoration.

Moth Damage

Moths like to burrow into rugs of all kinds to lay their eggs. These eggs consume the fibers as they grow, leading to the development of small holes. When consumers notice missing fibers, it’s best to take the rug in for repairs immediately and take steps to prevent the moths from coming back such as having it cleaned periodically and vacuum underneath it.

The Bottom Line

Oriental rugs are an investment, and they deserve to be treated with care. Consumers who have noticed something going wrong should find a respected professional to repair the damage immediately. Browse our website to learn about one local company that can help today.

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