Yellow Teeth? A Teeth Whitening Procedure in Rockville Can Brigthen Them

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Dental Health

Decades of drinking coffee and perhaps even smoking can lead to very yellow and stained teeth. It can happen so gradually over many years that the person doesn’t realize the state of their teeth. Then they may hear from their children that they should have a Teeth Whitening in Rockville treatment before they participate in a major event like a wedding. The good news is that most patients can whiten their teeth up to eight shades in just a single dental visit. It is painless and the results will last for years.

The teeth whitening dentist begins the appointment by thoroughly cleaning the patient’s teeth. Scraping plague and debris off of the surface of the tooth enamel ensures that the whitening chemicals will have easy access to the enamel that needs to be whitened. It also makes sure that the enamel will be a consistent color. The dentist also puts a coating over the patient’s gums to protect them. Then he paints a thin layer of the whitening liquid on all of the teeth. A very safe laser light is then used to activate the whitening gel. This initial treatment lasts about 15 minutes. The whitening chemicals are wiped off the teeth and a new layer of chemicals is applied. This process is repeated three or four times depending upon the amount of staining that needs to be removed.

Some patients fear that a Teeth Whitening in Rockville treatment will ruin their teeth enamel or that the procedure will be painful. Many teeth whitening compounds include substances that make the enamel harder. Teeth may actually look shinier and be stronger because of these. These substances are included because harder enamel is more stain resistant. Some patients with very porous enamel may feel some discomfort if the maximum amount of whitening chemicals are used. Dentists can calibrate the amount of chemicals depending upon the quality of the tooth enamel. They might also suggest that the patient use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a few days prior to the procedure.

The effectiveness of a teeth whitening treatment will last for several years, if the patient follows the dentist’s instructions and has regular dental checkups.

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