Why Teeth Whitening in Wilmette has Changed the Way We Smile

For years, teeth whitening in Wilmette has been a technique routinely practiced with high quality. This integral section of cosmetic dentistry has been improving patients’ smiles for decades. However, the methods and ingredients used have changed. The new way of whitening has given way to a brighter look at dentistry.

Bleaching has been a vital part of the cosmetics industry. Some toothpaste manufacturers have discovered the potential whitening market. This has given way to companies developing a wide range of products for teeth whitening. Dentists even use some whitening toothpastes in their practice. A patient’s desire to receive treatment for stained teeth has increased dramatically, either due to aesthetic reasons or because of hygiene. No matter what the reason is, the need for proper dental health will always be a primary reason to visit your dentist.

How does the bleaching/whitening process take place?

Modern whitening contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (a mixture of urea hydrogen peroxide). These peroxides penetrate the dental tissue, oxidizing the stained enamel surface. The most notable surfaces are those found inside the enamel and dentin. During the whitening process, peroxide attacks the unsaturated double bonds of the chromophores, allowing the molecules to become oxidized. The chromophores lose the ability to stain, which means the natural tooth color reappears.

Excellence whitening: Efficient and secure

Whitening has become a type of dental therapy that can be performed gently and efficiently. Increasingly, patients are becoming aware of their options, prompting them to ask their dentists for treatment. A bright, white smile can completely change the look of a person. Teeth whitening represents a potential market that can benefit 90 percent of all Americans. Even though times have changed, you can still trust that your dentist and his staff can whiten your teeth properly. Giving you the color and lasting shine you deserve is their job, but ensuring that your oral health is in great condition is paramount.


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