Wrongful Death Attorney in Rockwall, TX Discusses the Terms of Wrongful Death

Anytime a person loses a loved one to death, it is a painful experience. The pain is intensified, though, when the death occurs by an accident that could have been prevented. Accidents such as medical malpractice or defective products fall into this category. A Wrongful Death Attorney in Rockwall, TX wants to help you regain your life back after your loved one is taken from you in such an unfair way.

In the legal forum, wrongful death claims occur when a person, persons or a group can be held liable for the death of another. Such claims fall under civil suits and involve the interested party of the deceased (a spouse or child, for example) bringing charges against the appropriate party responsible for the death. When a wrongful death incident occurs, it not only brings the emotional distress of the loss, but sometimes financial hardships are created, particularly, if the deceased party was the sole or main provider of the family’s income. Other expenses that will have to be considered are the funeral expenses, which are not cheap, the medical expenses incurred, and in some cases, if negligence can be found to be the cause of the accident, punitive damages will be awarded as well.

In Texas, there are two instances of statutes of limitations afforded to those seeking wrongful death claims. There is the period of up to two years after the date of the injury of the deceased person, and up to two years after the death of the deceased, in which his or her interested party can file claim. There is another claim known as the “survival claim,” under the Texas Survival Statute. This is a totally different type of claim, although the circumstances are similar.

The Law Office of Tim Hartley, practicing law in Rockwall, Texas can help you understand what exactly your rights are in a wrongful death claim, whether or not you have a right to file a survival claim, and other news that may be pertinent to your case. If you are interested in finding out more about a Wrongful Death Attorney in Rockwall, Texas who wants to help you resolve your case, visit their website, Rockwallcountydwiattorney.com.


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