Considering Private Duty Home Care for your Elder Relative

by | May 5, 2014 | Health Care

Private duty home care is an excellent alternative to nursing homes for individuals that wish to remain in a familiar home setting. If you are located in Maryland and are seeking private duty home care Salisbury, MD located, the best option is to select an agency that provides this service.

The advantages of working with an agency

An agency has already performed the background checks and certification checks necessary to verify that the caregivers are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. In addition, agencies have more resources and can find you another nurse in the event that the first nurse assigned to you was not a good match. Another benefit of utilizing a home care company to find a provider is that this relieves you of the tax responsibilities you have when hiring an individual nurse or sole practitioner. If taxes are not being paid on the money earned by your individual caregiver, you as the employer become liable. Selecting an agency when choosing a care provider for your older relative is a good choice for private duty home care Salisbury, MD residents looking for the best options.

What will your care provider do?

Your in home care provider will be a great asset to your elder loved one by allowing them to remain in the safe and familiar home environment while attending to their basic life functions in a calm, relaxed and attentive way. The care provider you select will facilitate a greater life experience by serving as a companion, nurse, and caregiver on a daily basis. Some of the services your caregiver will provide include laundry, cleaning, cooking, feeding, toileting, grooming, bathing, and also performing medication reminders. Depending on the level of care required, your private duty caregiver may live in full time, part time, or simply perform occasional visits as needed. To determine an appropriate care plan, the patient, close family members and the home care agency should come to an agreement on what level of care and types of care will best meet the patient’s needs.

How do I know if home care is needed?

As your loved one ages, it may be difficult to decide whether in home care is needed or whether it will encroach on their need for independence. That is one advantage of selecting a private duty home care Salisbury, MD caregiver. A home care giver can adjust the levels of care based on the needs of the patient while a nursing home is full time care that places every patient in a similar environment and routine regardless of their individual needs. In the end, it is best to consult with your loved one and their medical physicians to develop an overall care plan that is right for them.

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