Working With Your Dentist For Healthier Teeth

by | Jul 20, 2012 | Dentistry

You probable value your teeth and work hard to keep them clean and healthy. Chances are good that you schedule regular appointments with your dentist in Chesapeake as part of your dental regimen. Did you know that the same bacteria which can create problems and lead to tooth decay in your mouth can also be the cause of diseases in your body? Your carefully developed habits of good dental hygiene can also help you to prevent some medical concerns such as strokes, diabetes and other problems. As you and your dentist in Chesapeake work together to improve your dental health, you’ll appreciate knowing that you are also preventing many possible health concerns.

It seems to be a common practice for dentists to provide you with a new toothbrush after a visit. This is for good reason. Your toothbrush needs to be in good shape if you want the best performance from it. The toothbrush should have soft bristles because the harder bristles can damage your gums or even wear the tooth enamel. Choosing a brush that is the right size is important as well. There are brushes that are smaller for children’s mouths and many adult-sized brushes to choose from.

Flossing is an often over-looked part of a dental hygiene routine. And many people who floss do it after brushing. But flossing before you brush can loosen some of the food particles between your teeth that would otherwise be missed during brushing. Whether you are using a string of floss or individual flossers, floss gently between your teeth and work to wrap the floss against the contours of your teeth. Regular flossing will provide more benefits than sporadic flossing.

Have you already included brushing your tongue in your routine? Brushing your tongue can get rid of more bacteria in your mouth than brushing alone will do. Rinsing after brushing is also important. It removes the used toothpaste from your mouth. Following up a rinse with mouthwash can kill even more bacteria.

There are plenty of reasons to drink six to eight glasses of water every day, but your dentist in Chesapeake may add another reason for you to increase

Dentist Chesapeake

Dentist Chesapeake

your water intake. Most public water today has added fluoride and when you drink the recommended amount of water, you are flushing away food particles from eating and strengthening your teeth’s defense against bacteria.

Finally, watching what you eat and when you eat it will also work to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Continuous snacking during the day can put your teeth in constant contact with the bacteria that leads to tartar and tooth decay. Your dentist in Chesapeake may recommend that you brush within twenty minutes of each meal or snack.

Dentist Chesapeake

Dentist Chesapeake

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