Chapter 13 in Northampton is Easier with an Attorney

Making the decision to consult an attorney about bankruptcy is not an easy decision. If you have looked over your finances time and again wondering how you are ever going to get out of your high amount of debt, it might be beneficial to consult with an attorney regarding a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If your home is in danger of foreclosure and you wish to keep it, Chapter 13 in Northampton is your best choice. Consulting with your attorney about your income, debts and property will help you determine if, in fact, this is your best choice.

When you consult an attorney to discuss a Chapter 13 in Northampton, he or she will perform a thorough analysis of your debts and weigh them against your total family income. It is important to disclose your income from all sources for everyone in your family, as well as all debts – nothing should be left out from your discussions with your attorney. After determining if Chapter 13 is the best choice for you, your attorney will help you fill out the paperwork that is necessary to get the case started. Once you honestly fill out all paperwork and get the attorney everything he or she needs to get your case started, the attorney handles the rest. Your case will get filed with the court and a date will be set for you to go in front of the bankruptcy trustee with your attorney.

The role of the bankruptcy trustee in your Chapter 13 in Northampton is to analyze your case and determine what the payments to each creditor should be in each individual case. The trustee is also in charge of disbursing the payments to each creditor when you make your monthly payments. At the meeting with the bankruptcy trustee, you will undergo a series of questions from the trustee, as well as any creditors that might be present at the meeting. These

questions will pertain to your finances and must be answered honestly.

If you fill all paperwork out completely and honestly with the help of your attorney for Chapter 13 in Northampton and honestly communicate with your trustee, your Chapter 13 case should go rather smoothly. Once you have finished your creditors’ meeting, a court date will be set in which you and your attorney go in front of the judge to have your payment plan approved. All of this will be completed with the help of your bankruptcy attorney.

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