Working with Fondant? 7 Handy Steps to Follow

Let’s face it: fondant can be tricky. But with enough practice, your baking skills should improve. These seven steps should ensure your cake looks and tastes delicious!

1. Prep time

Do this by stacking lawyers. Use a jam and buttercream icing for the filling. Once that’s done, put the cake on your turntable. That’s going to make it easier for you to design the cake.

2. Get the measurements

You’ll need to know the measurements of the cake. A piece of string should get the job done. Measure across the top and sides. Use this information to guide you later when you roll out the icing.

3. Pick up your palette knife

Turn the turntable and use your palette knife to smooth out the buttercream on the sides and top. Scrape off any excess you find. This is the perfect time to create sharp corners or smooth edges. After that, leave the cake in the fridge for thirty minutes. That should be enough to firm it up, the BBC Good Food says.

4. Check for crumbs

Make sure the surface is clear of air and crumbs. If you’re satisfied, start dusting it with icing sugar. Cornflour sugar will also work if you haven’t got the first one.

5. Soften the fondant

Don’t just plop the fondant onto the cake. Knead it for a few minutes or until you feel it soften. For speedier results, though, just pop it in the microwave for about ten seconds.

6. Fit it out

Flip it to the smooth side first before you roll it over the cake. Remember the string you used for measurements? Use that to guide you. Lift the icing with your hands or a rolling pin and put it over the cake. Push out air bubbles and creases as you smooth it out. Then cut away any excess icing.

7. Decorate with a candle!

Now, there’s just one more step, and this is the fun part: top it off with silver glitter candles for that special occasion, and watch as your family and friends dive into that delicious cake and fondant.

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