How Important Are Healthy Dog Bones to Younger Dogs and Puppies?

Selecting healthy foods, snacks and chew bones for dogs of any age is very important. Healthy, nutritious ingredients are important for good bones, healthy skin, a thick, shiny, coat and metabolic functioning for dogs from puppies through to seniors.

Nutrition is particularly important for puppies and growing juvenile dogs. Without the correct nutrients, vitamins and healthy foods they can fail to grow and develop to their full potential. Additionally, puppies and younger dogs tend to have more sensitive digestive systems, and many ingredients can cause digestive upset.

Raw Bones

While some dog owners feed raw bones, which are healthy dog bones for puppies and dogs of all ages, these bones are not always easy to provide. It is important to choose only joint or knuckle bones that cannot splinter, as this can be dangerous for the puppy or dog.

Additionally, raw bones can quickly become rancid in outdoors or indoors. They are messy to eat, and they will attract bugs, flies and other types of insects and scavengers.

Chew Bones

There are healthy dog bones on the market made from real food ingredients. These ingredients include chicken, peanut butter, baked pork skin, and even milk. Made without any rawhide, these are crunchy, long-lasting chews that dogs can enjoy inside or outside as they do not make a mess.

100% consumable and fully digestible, these healthy dog bones satisfy the dog’s need to chew while providing a safe, tasty treat. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors, allowing owners to pick the ones their dog or dogs love the best.

Easy to store, healthy to give and providing both nutritional and dental benefits, these dog chew bones are a great treat to have on hand for any dog.

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