Worker’s Compensation Insurance in St Louis MO and St Charles MO

If you need to get Worker’s Compensation Insurance in St Louis MO or St Charles MO, you will probably want to learn more about exactly what this type of insurance includes. Companies who need to get workers compensation insurance typically include any business that has at least one employee. If you have several employees or even dozens of employees, this is an absolutely essential type of protection, both for your company and for yourself as the company’s owner.

The main reason for buying worker’s compensation insurance in St Louis MO or St Charles MO is that businesses are required to hold workers comp coverage according to the law. Workers comp insurance is something that any employees must have, whether they receive a salary or whether they are hourly employees. If you employ only independent contractors, those people are typically not seen as employees under the law and thus you will usually not have to have worker’s comp insurance coverage.

In addition to the legal requirement, having workers comp coverage is also important for other reasons. Your company is responsible for what happens to your employees while they are on your property, and while they are doing company business. This holds true even if your employee is working for you and they are on another person’s property. For example, if your employee is hurt while they are at a meeting for your company, they are going to look to you to take care of their injuries. The workers comp coverage will pay for the medical treatments and the rehabilitation that your employee will need.

If your employee is entitled to a settlement because they are disabled short term, long term, or even permanently after an accident, this is another thing that your workers comp insurance will pay for. If you are dealing with any type of accident with an employee, it is important that you report it to the company who holds your workers comp policy as soon as possible. They can explain the process that you need to follow when reporting injuries and accidents and can help ease the burden of dealing with the stress of employee problems.

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