When Is It Time to Call the Tree Experts in Arlington?

There is no doubt that trees go a long way in making a landscape look great. Once those trees are in place, the homeowner will want to make sure they are maintained properly and kept healthy. Here are a few indications it may be time to have those trees looked at by one of the Tree experts Arlington, with an eye toward some sort of treatment.

Testing the Soil in Anticipation of a Landscaping Project

When the plan is to create landscaping around new construction, it pays to have an expert test the soil first. Doing so will make it much easier to determine what type of trees would thrive in that soil. This approach also makes it possible to know what additional nutrients, if any, are needed to ensure any new plantings take root and grow at a reasonable rate.

A Tree Seems to be Dying

While the other trees in the yard are green and lush, there is one that seems to be in poor health. The leaves are not quite as bright a color and new growth is not coming in at the same rate as similar trees on the property. In some cases, the issue could be a need for more fertilizer or possible treatment for some sort of infestation. One of the Tree experts Arlington can inspect the tree and determine what is causing the problem.

From there, it will be much easier to know what treatment has a good chance of saving the tree and helping it to thrive once more.

Relocating Trees

As part of a new look for the landscape, the homeowner decides it would be nice to move an existing tree to another area of the yard. Depending on the type of tree involved and the extent of the root system, this may or may not be a practical strategy. By consulting one of the Tree experts Arlington about the plan, it will be much easier to know if relocating the tree is possible, or if removing it and planting something new would be a more practical approach. For help with any project concerning trees, the team at Business Name can help.

From choosing new trees to treating older ones, they can ensure all the trees on the property are healthy and strong. Visit website for more information.

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