Why You Should Use Spray Deaeration for Beverage Production

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Business

Oxygen has a profound effect upon beverages during the production process. This is an important consideration which must be made, especially in the food and beverage production business as well as other industry sectors. It is well known that carbonated beverages which are left out for extended periods of time lose their fizz, become flat and less appealing to the palate. During key points in the beverage production process, the majority of the oxygen is removed through a process known as deaeration. Spray deaeration is a key component in the creation of many products, so having a dependable system which is designed to meet all of the company’s standards and requirements in the process is vital.

Why Deaeration is Important

Oxygen has an impact on several qualities of beverage products. It can affect the coloring and other aspects of the appearance, the taste of the beverage, and how long it will last after being placed upon the shelf. This is why it is important to properly remove the oxygen from these products at particular stages of their creation. There are a few different systems of deaeration which are used to accomplish this; one of the most common and popular is the spray deaeration system.

Spray Deaeration Systems

This system is designed to provide multiple benefits within the beverage industry. The unique design of this system uses a vacuum tank and pump to diffuse the water. The vacuum action causes the gases to be released from the water. This method requires little to no operational involvement because of the automated advantages. In addition, this process uses less water and helps to promote water conservation while cutting down on overhead expenses for the company.

The Benefits of Spray Deaeration

Spray deaeration is an efficient way to effectively and quickly remove the oxygen from the product at the right time in the process. The reduction of water and energy waste lessens overhead expenses. Less man hours are required to operate the machinery as it is an automated system. Any time when resources which increase overhead costs are reduced, there is significant benefit to the company.

Deaeration is a process which helps in controlling the levels of oxygen that remain in beverages during the production phase. The ultimate quality of the product being produced depends heavily upon the efficiency and precision of this process. Using equipment which delivers state of the art technology and precision design can help to improve beverage production operations. For more information on these systems you can refer to the experts available at TechniBlend.

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