Getting The Most From Your Shopify Store

If you are currently using Shopify as your shopping platform for your online retail website you should look to automate Shopify products right from your store to various CES’s and marketplaces.

Automating a Shopify product feed that is simple and uncomplicated starts with choosing the right product feed manager program. You should consider a program that is specifically designed to work with the Shopify system that is reciprocal in sharing information with your product feed accounts. Of course, if you are using multiple vendors and have a large inventory the more automatic this entire system is the easier it is on you to add products, change prices, remove items or any other modifications that need to be made.

Tips for Importing Shopify Products

When you are importing Shopify products to your product feed manager system it is a good time to review the listings and make sure that you are taking advantage of SEO and other factors. A top product feed manager program can make suggestions for both titles and descriptions that will allow you to move up through the system and get your listings noticed.

Generally you will simply need to know the home page URL of your store as well as the store URL and a designated code or token. Once you enter this information the system will literally do the import for you, allowing you to access your information from the administration program of your Shopify account.

Product Placement by Categories

When Importing products to automate to CSE’s and marketplaces, it is important that the products be placed in the right category. When you use the product feed management system by SmartFeed, Inc you can easily place products into the correct category across all CSE’s and marketplaces. Not only does this make it easier for your customers to view, but it is also easier for you to keep track of sales and see what is moving and what is not.

The more automatic you can make the importing of products, and the more closely you can monitor sales, clicks and even track sales by performance reports. If you are interested in just how this could benefit your Shopify store listing check out the options in products offered at SmartFeed, Inc.

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