Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

While a personal injury lawyer in Wilmington, OH will not be required for every accident you are involved in, if you are hurt in an auto accident that is not your fault, then hiring a personal injury lawyer can be the best way to ensure that you receive a fair settlement for the injuries and damages you have incurred. While it may be possible to obtain a fair settlement without hiring legal representation, you also run the risk of being taken advantage of by the responsible party’s insurance company. Some reasons you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer are highlighted here.

Knowledge of the Law

Unless you have experience in the legal field, you will likely be unfamiliar with all of the laws that pertain to a personal injury claim. Put simply you may not know what you are legally entitled to, which means that the responsible party’s insurance company may knowingly offer you a low settlement. While you can look up the laws that pertain to your situation, a personal injury lawyer will be able to interpret those laws, determining exactly what they mean for your situation.

Negotiation of Fair Compensation

If you want to feel confident that you are being offered a fair amount of compensation from the insurance company, hiring legal representation is likely the best option. The fact is that insurance companies will profit when they under compensate a person that has been injured, which is why many of these companies will automatically suggest a lower settlement to anyone that has not chosen to hire a qualified attorney. This is why many people make the decision to hire a personal injury attorney even before they receive any settlement offer.

Representation for Court

There are a number of people that will only hire a personal injury attorney when they are disputing a claim. For example, if you have been offered a settlement that you think is unfair, then the attorney that you hire will be able to dispute the settlement in court.

The majority of personal injury attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they will take a percentage of whatever the settlement is that you receive, which is usually between one third and 40 percent. In addition to this contingency fee, you will also be responsible for paying any court fees or other related expenses to your case.

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