Tips to Help Overcome First Date Nerves

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If you are planning a first date with someone you have met online after talking to them and discussing various date options, good for you. However, along with a first date, comes a case of first date nerves. Dating in Rhode Island can be stressful and exciting, so some tips to help you overcome these all-to-common first date jitters are highlighted here.

Get Ready in the Right Type of Environment

Be sure that when you are getting ready for your first date you do so in an entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere. Also, allow plenty of time and don’t try to rush anything. Play some music that makes you happy and excited and pay attention to how you look. This will help give you confidence for the entire date.

Wear Your Favorite Clothes

When you are planning your appearance, you should make sure that you select an outfit that you feel great in. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – if you feel great, you will have more confidence.

Go to a Place You are Familiar With

If you plan on organizing the date, then you should select a location that you are familiar with. If you have been asked out to a certain location, then you should go to a friend before the date so you know what it is like. Taking some time to do research never hurts.

Plan the Date During the Day with a Specific Time Limit

If you are planning a first date and feel extremely anxious about it, consider planning it during the day with a specific time limit attached. This will help you be more relaxed since there is an end in sight and take the pressure off of the encounter.

Be sure to Ask Questions and Listen

A good portion of your first date nerves may be the result of worrying about having to carry the conversation and the potential for awkward silences. The best way to avoid this is to continue asking questions. If it helps, have some general questions prepared. When all is said and done, everyone likes to talk about themselves, which means all you have to do is show interest and listen; chances are things will flow easily after that.

In most situations a case of first date nerves are the result of wanting to make a great first impression. With the tips here, you can help to be relaxed and confident, helping the date to flow easily and reduce your nerves.

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