Why You Need Sewer Inspections by Your Plumber in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

When you buy an existing home, chances are you get a home inspection before finalizing the purchase. This is a normal part of purchasing any home, whether new or existing. What many homeowners do not think of is having a plumbing inspection as well. If you are purchasing a home in an area of New Jersey that is home to large trees, there is a good chance the tree roots could be clogging the sewer. Wouldn’t you rather realize this before you purchase the home, instead of after? Before you finalize the purchase of your home, insist on using a reputable plumber in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, to perform a sewer inspection of your home.

What to Inspect

The most obvious thing to look for is tree roots that have grown into the sewer. If the home you are purchasing is older, chances are the trees are older too. Trees that have been around for 10, 20 or 30 years have roots that have grown substantially since they were planted. This might not have been taken into consideration when the tiny tree was first planted. Eventually, the tree roots could clog the sewer, causing a major plumbing problem in your new home. In addition, some homes that were built prior to the 1950s might have sewer lines made from tar paper, which was common during this period of time. The tar paper is not meant to last indefinitely. They will eventually disintegrate and need to be replaced.

How It Is Inspected

When you search for a plumber in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, ask if they specialize in sewer inspection and repair. A reputable company will use a video camera that can be snaked down the pipes to determine if a clog exists anywhere in the sewer lines. As a benefit of having your sewer lines inspected, a plumber will be able to tell you the quality of the sewer line, whether or not there is a clog. The right plumber will be able to tell you not only the quality of the sewer pipes but also the likelihood of needing repair in the near future.

By choosing to use a reputable plumber in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, for your sewer inspection before you purchase a home, you could save yourself thousands of dollars and many headaches down the road. Understanding the state of the sewer lines of an older home is essential before finalizing your purchase, allowing you to demand that any repairs are completed before you purchase the home.

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