Why Car Accident Lawyers In Suffolk County, NY Are Important

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you know how scary and traumatic it can be.  This is especially true if you are injured in the crash.  With more and more drivers on the road these days, your likelihood of being involved in an automobile accident has gone up.  You may think you are immune to this because you are a very careful driver who always follows the traffic laws.  But you cannot control the behavior of other drivers on the road, and you never know when someone will not be paying attention and crash into the back of you or side swipe your car.  It only takes a second of distracted driving to have this happen.

If you have suffered injuries because of someone else’s careless driving, you may want to talk to car accident lawyers in Suffolk County, NY.  These attorneys can tell you exactly what your rights are and if you have a good case against the offending party.  Of course you could just rely on the other person’s auto insurance company to be fair and pay for your medical bills and the cost to repair or replace your car.  Sometimes they will, but other times they may just try to pay the smallest amount they can in order to save money.  This is when you need to arm yourself with an attorney who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

The importance of hiring car accident lawyers in Suffolk County, NY can be illustrated in the following scenario.  You are on your way to work across town and are stopped at a red light.  Suddenly someone who is messing with his stereo and not paying attention to the road crashes into the back of your car.  The impact sends you straight for the airbags that have deployed.  An ambulance is called and eventually you are whisked away to the hospital where you have to stay for a few days while you recover from a concussion and surgery to fix your broken bones.  After you are released from the hospital, your doctor orders you to take it easy for a while so you can fully recover from your injuries.  This means you will not be able to work for the next little while.  How are you going to pay for your medical bills, especially if you are not able to work?

This is where hiring car accident lawyers in Suffolk County, NY comes in.  Not only can the lawyer make sure your medical bills are paid for, she can also fight to get you compensation for your lost wages.

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