Why You May Not Want to Stay Right on the Beach

There’s a difference between staying right along the beach and staying farther into a seaside city. Whether you stay at an all-inclusive resort or a hotel along the beach, it’s not always what it’s made out to be. While staying on the beach is closer to the sea and the activities around it are sure to keep you busy, there are also some reasons you may want to stay closer to the city’s center or towards the outside.


The beach is a popular place, and if you’re going to a very touristy area, it can be over crowded. There may also be a lot of people who don’t know where they’re going or what they’re doing. You could be dealing with streets that are crowded and it may be hard to get tickets to different events or shows if it’s a popular vacation time. Towards the city center, there’s more to do in case something is sold out. If you stay in a less tourist area, you also become less of a target for pickpockets and anyone trying to take advantage of tourists.

More money

An all-inclusive resort costs a lot of money and can be a great time, but you miss out on the rest of the city you’re in. Hotels by the beach are more desirable, so they may cost more to stay in. If you’re staying for a couple weeks, that price starts to add up. You may not want to spend every day at the beach, so it’s going to cost money to travel farther into the city to do different things. Touristy spots also tend to have higher prices since they know people from out of town are going to be around.

Stay near the airport

Imagine how tired you’re going to be at the end of your vacation. Sometimes, you can’t wait to get back home in your own bed in your own house with things you’re familiar with. You’re closer to the airport when you arrive, and when you’re about to leave. Vacation is all about relaxing, so even if you’re not ready to go home, you’ll have a little extra time exploring around you before you need to leave.

You’re missing the rest of the city

At an all-inclusive resort, you may not get to experience the rest of the city you’re staying in. There are so many things along the coast to explore, especially if you’re from the other side of the country, and it’s a new experience for you. Staying by the beach or at a resort may become boring if you’re doing the same thing over and over.

If you go somewhere coastal, and are looking for hotels in Long Beach, for example, hotels like Hotel CURRENT offer an experience that is like you’re next to the ocean without all the disadvantages. The center of the city is where everything is happening, and it’s not that far from the beach. You may want to think twice before staying directly on the beach.

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