5 Points to Choosing an Full Truckload Shipping Service

Negotiating a contract with your full truckload freight shipping carrier isn’t as easy as drawing up a contract and hoping for the best. Here are several points you’ll need to consider:


The type of freight you deliver will be a major factor in the negotiations. That’s because valuable freight—those that are more at risk of being damaged or stolen so they’ll require better security measures and more handling care—will net hefty shipping fees. That’s because they’re less profitable for the carrier, the balance says.

Daily or weekly pickups

How often do you need the company to show up at the loading dock? Some go for weekly pickups while others ask them to show up on a daily basis. Expect to pay more for daily pickups, though. If you want something more cost-effective go for weekly or bi-weekly pickups.

Shipment volume

How much do you ship? That’s going to affect your costs. By opting for full truckload freight shipping, though, you can save up on shipping costs. That’s one way to keep your operating expenses low. It can be a whole lot faster too, especially if those trucks are filled up fast.

Time line

What’s your schedule? If your customers don’t mind longer delivery schedules, then there’s no reason to opt for air freight, which is the most expensive shipping option possible. That can help you save on costs and fees. However, if the client insists on fast or same-day deliveries, make sure you calculate the charges into the total cost before you charge a client. Otherwise, you could end up paying for those charges out of your own pocket.


Check the list of the company’s destination countries. Does it ship to the areas and countries you need to? If the destination country for your deliveries aren’t on the list, look elsewhere for help.

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