Why Marriage Counseling in Oklahoma City, OK Before the Wedding Matters

Most people think of Marriage Counseling in Oklahoma City OK, as something that takes place when a married couple are facing some sort of trouble in their marriage. The fact is, this type of counseling can also be beneficial before the couple ever ties the knot. Here are a couple of reasons why counseling before marriage makes a difference.

Exploring Expectations

Even with couples who tend to share just about everything, they may not always be on the same page with certain issues. For example, perhaps the couple agrees they want to start a family, but one partner would prefer to wait until they have been married a couple of years. The other partner would like to begin immediately. Rather than making this discovery later on, it pays to see counseling as a time to explore what each person hopes to achieve with the marriage, including when each one expects certain events to take place. Remember that even when people use the same words, they do not always carry the same meaning to both parties. In counseling, it is possible to delve a little deeper, and understand what each person is thinking, and how those thoughts will affect the marriage in the years to come.

Newlyweds and Finances

There is no doubt money is one of the most difficult issues for any married couple to work through. When the two parties have very different views on spending, saving, and how to balance the home budget, it can create a great deal of tension. By choosing to go through counseling before the marriage, it is possible to understand in more detail how each partner views money and how it is to be used for the benefit of the household. From there, it will be much easier to move forward with a clear plan in mind, and eliminate one of the most serious issues many new couples face. Seeking counseling before marriage does not guarantee everything will go smoothly. What it will do is help both parties to recognize and deal with situations that could cause difficulty later on.

By working with a counselor at the Norman Behavioral Health Group, and coming to terms with various matters in advance, the chances of making the marriage work are greatly enhanced.


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